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  • Sam Koerner

What the heck is the Anthropocene Epoch?

The pressures we exert on the planet have become so great that scientists are considering whether the Earth has entered an entirely new geological epoch: the Anthropocene, or the age of humans. It means that we are the first people to live in an age defined by human choice, in which the dominant risk to our survival is ourselves.

Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator[26] (Thanks wikipedia!)

anthropocene epoch

If only the statement by Achim was still under consideration. It is now fairly well understood that we indeed have vacated the Holocene Epoch and entered into the Anthropocene Epoch.

Charles Massey is absolutely on point in his literature, especially the AMAZING book 'Call of the Reed Warbler'. Please if you haven't read this already it is an amazing publication that gives a really thorough explanation of how ended up here, but more importantly how we can hit the reverse gear quick with minimal effort and reverse the ever-increasing damage!

Scientists believe that the start of the Anthropocene was roughly around 1945 when the first atomic warhead was detonated for testing (over 2000 subsequent nuclear detonations have occurred since).

It is very well understood that many of these elements that have pushed us into the Anthropocene have been driven by wide-scale industrial agriculture, and hence can be reversed by transitioning to regenerative practices.

Regenerative Practices can help!

  • Rebuilding soil structure and life

  • Rebuilding and supporting biodiversity above and below ground

  • Reducing the use of synthetic inputs (chemical and fertilizers)

  • Respecting and supporting the water cycle

  • Many many more!

All of the above points have large impacts on reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions, sequestering carbon dioxide into the soil whilst increasing humus, growing more nutritious & healthy food that in turn enhances human health, removal of toxins from the land and water and many many more!

I could talk all day about the Anthropocene and ways in which we can reverse many of the effects, however let's get to work and actually make some change! Speak soon.

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