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Sam Koerner


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My name is Sam and welcome to Convert The Dirt

I’m passionate about the link between the need to look after our bodies and the need to look after the vast number of ecosystems that surround us. A healthy, happy future is one where we live with nature and not try to control it.

My Story

I became very interested in soil biology after I was suffering from health issues and discovered gut biomes and how essential a healthy gut biome is for a healthy life. After seeing good success for myself through improving my gut biome I started looking further. Where does our biome get populated from? This led me to look into the food we eat. How is our food produced? What is our food grown in?


I went on a journey of discovery, learning from people like Elaine Ingham, Christine Jones and Charles Massy. Please jump over to the blog page to see a short write-up on each one of these legends.

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